Even In His Youth: A Tribute to Nirvana

All of the latest Nirvana news, including the new controversy with the box set.
Lyrics to every Nirvana song. Also, soon to include a fantastic song guide worth checking out.
Pictures of Kurt, Dave, Krist, the band as a whole, magazine covers, and more. Great quality too.
Download song clips, interviews, comic sound clips, and more. Music videos coming soon...
Guitar Tabs to every available Nirvana song. Easy to learn bass tabs coming soon...
Fun Nirvana games, which includes a wordsearch and a quiz. The quiz isn't finished yet, and I will be adding a lot more to this section soon.
Best part on whole page. Many, many different miscellaneous facts. Includes a time line, Kurt's suicide note, biographies, discography, equipment facts, and a whole lot more.
Everything single thing about the tragic death of the late Kurt Cobain
Great Nirvana links. Includes over fifty +.
My disclaimer and copyright. Make sure you take a look at this before you even think of copying anything from this page.
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The Complete Song Guide
(A guide to every song ever released by Nirvana. Gives all the information you would ever need to know. Ever)

Time Line
(Complete time line of every Nirvana event that has ever happened to anyone that has ever had anything to do with the band)

(A listing of every album, single, or promo ever released by Nirvana. Includes songs, a little bio on each, and other useless, random facts.)

(Mini biographies on the main three. Still minor tweaking involved and not quite finished.)

Dave Ghrol's Drummer Jokes
(Drummer jokes told by the great Dave Ghrol)

Random Quotes
(Random quotes by the bandmembers of Nirvana. Still needs adding)

Equipment Facts
(Everything you would ever want to know about the equipment of Kurt and Krist)

People in Nirvana
(Names and gives a little description of every person who has ever played in Nirvana)

The Bands Kurt Was In
(Describes every band Kurt has ever been in)

Kurt's Fascination With Babies
(Talks about Kurt and how he was obsessed with babies. Gives his "baby history")

Kurt's Hair Styles
(Gives Kurt's history with his many different hair styles. Includes a bunch of different aged pictures)

Kurt's Problem With Drugs
(Talks about Kurt's long problem with his drug abuse and how it ended his life)

The Total Nirvana Concert Chronology 
(Gives every date and venue for every Nirvana concert ever played)

101 Random Facts
(101 random, useless, informative, facts all about Nirvana)

Song Meanings
(The meanings to almost every Nirvana song ever released)

Nirvana in Movies and Television
(Every movie and television show in which Nirvana is somehow in)