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Latest News

    Krist Novoselic is very active in politics and he recently created a website on the topic of 'inclusive democracy'. The site currently contains a transcript of Krist's speech
inclusive democracy, and links to related websites. Inclusive democracy is briefly described as follows (taken from the site): "The inclusion I'm talking about is using a Proportional Representation electoral system. Proportional Representation can also be referred to as PR. PR makes it so a party or candidate need not come in first to win seats. A voter constituency that shows even ten percent at the polls could merit representation. Where our current system has small, winner take all districts, PR systems have larger multi-member districts where the votes are distributed proportionally. Where our current system makes losers out of millions of hard working Americans, PR can make most voters winners." The past presidential election in the US (damn it... Gore should have won...) proved that there are some problems that the system has.  The tour is still going and Novoselic will do speeches at the following places:

November 14: University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, WI at 7:30 PM.
November 15: St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN at 7:30 PM.
November 19: University of Washington in Seattle, WA at 8 PM.

For more, go to the official website, here.

11/3/01    In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, there will be a 'TRIBUTE TO NIRVANA'. This will be on November 10, 2001.  Santo Domingo is in The Caribbean and here, three bands will play at least forty songs. For more information about the Tribute to NIRVANAyou can visit this website. Use the option 'FORO' and then 'CONCIERTOS'. 

10/25/01    The Dutch band 'Green Lizard' recently did two shows where they did nothing but Nirvana covers Here's some more info; They have played at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland and in Haarlem, Holland. During the tour, they have played Nirvana songs only, and will keep on doing this until the end of the tour. The next show will be played on November 1st in Groningen, Holland. After that, they will go to Enschede and Leiden, also in Holland. The Paradiso show will be broadcast on the Dutch channel SbS6 on December 22. In an interview it became clear that by mid November, the exact date is uncertain, a CD will be released of their Nirvana performance. Whether this is a compliation of performed songs from different shows, or one shows in its entirety, is unknown as of now. Also, it is unknown if the CD will be distributed outside of Holland.

Here are some of the songs that Green Lizard have played, which are not in order. Amsterdam: School - About a girl - Sliver - In Bloom - Come as You Are - Breed - Lithium - Polly - Territorial Pissings - Drain You - On a Plain - Something in the Way - Scentless Apprentice - Serve the Servants - Heart-Shaped Box - Rape Me - Very ape - Pennyroyal tea and All apologies. The Haarlem show: 1. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter - 2. Drain You - 3. Serve The Servants - 4. Breed - 5. Sliver - 6. Come As You Are - 7. Something In The Way - 8. On A Plain - 9. About A Girl - 10. Polly - 11. Rape Me - 12. Scentless Apprentice - 13. Heart-Shaped Box - 14. All Apologies - 15. Very Ape - 16. Pennyroyal Tea - 17. School - 18. In Bloom - 19. Even In His Youth - 20. Territorial Pissings - 21. Lithium. 

Note: Nirvana once played a great show at the 'Paradiso' in Amsterdam in 1991.