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All of the latest Nirvana news, including the new controversy with the box set.
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Download song clips, interviews, comic sound clips, and more. Music videos coming soon...
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Fun Nirvana games, which includes a wordsearch and a quiz. The quiz isn't finished yet, and I will be adding a lot more to this section soon.
Best part on whole page. Many, many different miscellaneous facts. Includes a time line, Kurt's suicide note, biographies, discography, equipment facts, and a whole lot more.
Everything single thing about the tragic death of the late Kurt Cobain
Great Nirvana links. Includes over fifty +.
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Welcome to this new Nirvana page... Come to this new site for all of the latest happenings relating to Nirvana, including all of the latest updates on the new box set... Please note: this site is under construction...

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Latest News:


Krist Novoselic has created a website about 'inclusive democracy', and has been going around the country giving speeches about it. This really doesn't have anything to do with the band Nirvana, though. (more)

11/3/01 In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, there will be a 'Tribute to Nirvana.' Here, there will be three bands playing at least forty Nirvana songs. (more)
10/25/01 The Dutch band, Green Lizard, has done nothing but Nirvana tributes for their past two shows. They plan to do an entire tour of just Nirvana covers and later release an album. (more)

Website News:
Fuck, I did a lot to the site today! I finished Kurt's and Dave's Pictures sections and changed the pictures home page. It now looks really awesome. I did the entire 1967-1994 part too. I am in the middle of changing the lyrics and guitar tabs sections and that may be finished soon. The quiz will probably be finished soon also. By the new year, I will definitely have completed everything on this site, including the pictures sections. Don't forget to sign the guestbook if you haven't yet...


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