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Kurt's Fascination With Babies

From a very young age Kurt Cobain had a fascination with babies. When Kurt was young he often drew pictures of babies or baby like alien creatures. He seemed intrigued by them, and this fascination grew with time.

When Kurt moved in to his first apartment after high school in Aberdeen, WA he decorated it with bloodied baby dolls. Then he bought modeling clay and sculpted babies and baked them in his oven.

As he became more involved in his strange hobby, Kurt would order accurate models of body parts, babies, and fetuses from surgical catalogs.

Even after Kurt and Courtney married in 1992, Kurt's obsession grew. It makes you wonder what she thought of this strange hobby.

This obsession wasn't a secret though not many people know that his obsession with babies inspired much of his music. The song drain you is all about this. The opening line is "One baby to another said..." And later in the song the words are " I traveled through the tube..." and many other lyrics that if you listen carefully to them you can sense his fascination. Kurt once said that he wished the song was as big of a hit as smells like teen spirit because he liked the lyrics and liked playing the song.

Kurt depicted babies for some of his music too. He used a drawing he did of an alien- like baby for the cover of the lithium single. and in the US versions liner picture has Frances Bean's first monogram picture.

Kurt never lost his fascination, in fact, Nirvana's last studio album was named "In Utero" At most, maybe all In Utero concerts the stage was decorated with huge angel-like women that you could see the insides of.

Also Nirvana's third album Incesticide also has a connection. The cover of it has another baby-like drawing on it. And in the video for Sliver It shows a room full of dolls and other stuff and features Kurt's baby Frances dancing around.

The entire video for Heart- Shaped Box is also an indication of his obsession. The theme of it gives you the feel and so do the lyrics.