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101 Random Facts

1 Kurt always spelled 'NIRVANA' in all capital letters.
2 Krist lived in Croatia for a year when he was fourteen.
3 Nevermind was recorded in the same studio as Fleetwood Mac's album 'Roumers.'
4 Dave Grohl was vice president of his freshman class in highschool.
5 That IS a rubber duck you hear in the Drain You bridge.
6 Former Nirvana guitarist Jason Everman played bass in Soundgarden briefly.
7 Kurt Cobain's childhoold idol was Evil Kenevil.
8 In Unplugged In New York, Dave plays a bit of 'Scentless Apprentice' before All Apolgies.
9 Nirvana were kicked out of the Nevermind release party for starting a food fight.
10 Kurt co-produced the Melvins' 1994 album 'Hudini.'
11 Pat Smear's birth name is Georg Ruthenburg.
12 Dave played drums on the 'Back Beat' soundtrack, alongside R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Soul Asylum's Dave Pirnir and other alternative music greats.
13 J Mascus of Dinosour Jr briefly considered becoming Nirvana's drummer.
14 Krist's mom Maria is still a hairdresser in Aberdeen, WA.
15 Krist Novoselic has two cats- Einstien and Doris.
16 The pop band Wilson Phillips almost called themselves 'Nirvana.'
17 The Nevermind version of Smells Like Teen Spirit is exacly 5 minutes long.
18 The naked baby on the Nevermind cover is named Spencer Elden.
19 The 'Sliver' video was taped in Kurt's garage.
20 In the 'Teen Spirit' video, Dave is wearing a Scream t-shirt.
21 Pat isn't wearing shoes in Unplugged In New York.
22 Nevermind hits Billboard (#144) and Kurt and Courtney finally start 'going out': 10/12/91.
23 'Nevermind' is not a word. To be grammaticly correct, it should be "Never mind."
24 Kurt never paid Jason Everman back the $500 he had loaned the band to pay for the recording of Bleach.
25 At the time he was asked to join Nirvana, Pat Smear worked in the SST superstore in LA.
26 Seattle weather for 4/8/94: Rain, 50 degrees.
27 The first song Kurt learned how to play on guitar was 'Back In Black' by AC DC.
28 Nirvana won a Grammy in 1995 for Unplugged In New York.
29 Before Nirvana made it big, Shelli Novoselic worked at a t-shirt booth during their concerts.
30 If Frances Bean had been a boy, she would have been named Eugene.
31 The guitar used on the Nevermind recordings of Polly and Something In The Way had only 5 strings.
32 Two lines listed in the Nevermind liner note's 'poem' are not actually lyrics- they are: 'The second coming came in last and out of the closet' and 'At the end of the rainbow and your rope'
33 Krist grew up on Think Of Me Hill- the tallest hill in Aberdeen Washington. On clear days, he could get Portland Oregon radio stations.
34 Look closely at the collage in the picture on the back of Nevermind, and see a tiny picture of Kiss.
35 Nirvana appeared on a Kiss tribute album called 'Hard to Believe.'
36 Kurt's phonenumber at his Olympia apartment was 352-0992.
37 There are no lyrics to 'tourette's.'
38 During the Unplugged session, Nirvana and the Meatpuppets did a Sweet Home Alabama jam that didn't make it onto the album.
39 Heart-Shaped Box won Best Art Direction at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards.
40 Krist and Kurt both voted for Clinton in the 1992 presidential election.
41 There are fourteen words in the song 'School.'
42 Nirvana were the second band on Sub Pop to have a written contract.
43 The symbols on the In Utero cover come form the book The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects.
44 The Sliver single features Dan Peters of Mudhoney on drums.
45 Kurt and Courtney liked to check into hotels as 'Mr and Mrs Simon Richie'- Sid Vicious' real name.
46 Kurt claimed to string his guitars with piano strings.
47 The In Utero back cover photograph was taken by legendary Sub-Pop photographer Charles Peterson.
48 Krist Novoselic has always been legally 'Krist' although he used 'Chris' for years.
49 The spoken word bit of 'I Hate Myself and I Want to Die' is actually a Jack Handy 'Deep Thought' from Saturday Night Live.
50 Nirvana were opening for the Dharma Bums the night Kurt and Courtney first met.
51 Dave Grohl was in the audience of Nirvana's only show with Dan Peters.
52 Though the song is only 3:06 long, the time for Even In His Youth is credited as '4:20' on the Smells Like Teen Spirit Single.
53 Dave formed his first band with a friend at the age of ten- 'the H.G. Hancock Band.'
54 Pat Smear is in the Prince video 'Rasberry Beret.'
55 So who is Suzie Tennent, who is mentioned several times yet never introduced in Come As You Are? Head of DGC Northwest Relations.
56 Live debut of Smells Like Teen Spirit: 4/17/91.
57 The first band Kurt and Krist were in together was called 'the Stiff Woodies.'
58 Kurt Cobain's mom and Dave Grohl's mom met for the first time at NIRVANA's 1992 Saturday Night Live proformance.
59 Dave has three tattoos of varaiations of John Bonham's symbol from Led Zeppelin 4.
60 Spencer Elden (the Nevermind baby) has a platinum copy of the album hanging over his bed.
61 Kurt and Krist took guitar lessons from the same guy: Warran Mason.
62 The first Jag-Stang was 'True Blue,' the second, 'Fiesta Red.'
63 Courtney married Kurt in a dress that had belonged to actress Frances Farmer in the 1930s.
64 The announcer in the In Bloom video is in fact Robert Llwelen of The People's Court.
65 Nirvana won Best Alternative Video for the 'dresses' version of the In Bloom video in 1993.
66 Krist speaks fleunt Croatian.
67 The 'woman' on the In Utero cd is in fact Mike 'Cali' Dewitt- Frances' nanny- in drag.
68 Pat Smear's mom was an opera singer, his dad, an inventor.
69 The Sliver single was recorded using TAD's equiptment.
70 Kurt did his 'K' tattoo himself. Dave also has several homemade tattoos.
71 The origonal plan for the Lithium video was a cartoon about a girl named 'Prego.'
72 Kurt kept the glasses from the In Bloom video, and wore them occasionally in mid 1992.
73 Nirvana couldn't put 'Blandest' on Incesticide because they had let Jack Endino tape over the origional recording... the version we fans have was stolen.
74 There are 45 days between Feburary 20th and April 5th... 46 in a leap year.
75 The monkey on the back of Nevermind is named Chim Chim.
76 The 'real' Chim Chim is on Kurt's favorite cartoon- Speed Racer.
77 Chad Channing took up music following a 'freak gym accident' that shattered his thigh bone.
78 Eric Erlandson uses one of Kurt's guitars in Hole's 'Doll Parts' video.
79 Mike Mills also plays Kurt's Jag Stang in R.E.M's 'What's the Frequency Kenneth?' video. The guitar is also used in R.E.M.'s tribute song to Kurt Cobain- 'Let Me In.'
80 'Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip' was recorded in Brazil in January of 1993.
81 The 'real' Nirvana font is Bodini Extra Bold Condensed.
82 Ways Kurt Cobain has spelled his name: Curt Cobain, Kurdt Kobain, Kurdt Kobane.
83 Date of first instument smashing: 10/30/88.
84 Ben Shepard (lately of Soundgarden fame) was a Nirvana roadie in 1989, and was almost their second guitarist.
85 Krist and Shelli were married in their Tacoma apartment on 12/30/89.
86 Chad Channing thinks he quit Nirvana. Kurt and Krist think they fired him.
87 It cost $606.17 to record Bleach. Jason Everman contributed $500 to this, though he didn't play on the album.
88 Prospective names for the Nirvana/Screaming Trees hybrid blues band: "the Jury" or "Lithium."
89 The janitor in the Teen Spirit video is a real janitor. He revives he role in the video for Weird Al Yankovic's parody 'Smells Like Nirvana.'
90 Thank Amy Finnerthy for throwing a 'hissy fit' and getting Smells Like Teen Spirit debuted on MTV.
91 Frances Bean was born on August 18, 1992, at 7:48 a.m. She was 10 days overdue.
92 The first Nirvana t-shirt reads 'Nirvana: Fudge Packin', Crack Smokin', Satan Worshipin' Motherfuckers.'
93 Legendary alternative photographer Micheal Lavine took the picture on the Sliver single cover.
94 Dave Grohl's now ex-wife Jennifer Youngblood did the Unplugged in New York photography.
95 That's Krist dressed up on the cover of The Priest They Called Him.
96 Teen Spirit deoderent came in three scents: Rose, Baby Powder, and 'California.'
97 The Lithium single features an ultrasound picture of Frances Bean in the liner notes.
98 Krist and Shelli met while walking down the hall when they were in highschool.
99 Love Buzz plays in the opening scene of the Drew Barrymore movie 'Mad Love.'
100 Iggy Pop 'has' the song 'Talk To Me,' but hasn't recorded it... yet.
101 Kurt oversaw the final cut of the 'Teen Spirit' video himself, as he was unsatisfied with Samaul Bayer's cut.

Thank you to Katelynn Corrigan for these facts. You can visit her site here.