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Kurt's Hair Styles

Throughout Kurt's unfortunately cut short life, he grew many different types of hair styles. He grew long hair, ear-height hair, and incredibly short hair too. He also dyed his hair many different colors. He has bleached his hair, dyed it red, dyed it green, dyed it purple, and many other wacky colors. He has even worn some wigs before. This is Kurt's life-long hair styles.

When Kurt was young he kept his hair blond and ear length until his early teens. He always combed his hair in the morning, keeping it very straight. His bangs were cut straight across his forehead, often right above his bright blond eyebrows.

In Kurt's early teen's his hair started to get longer. Then when Kurt was in his mid-teens he grew his hair out to his shoulders. This is the time Kurt got kicked out of his house and also around this time he started pursuing his musical career and unfortunately the drugs also started at this time. Shortly after this time, Kurt and Krist settled on a name for their band. That of course was Nirvana. Their first album Bleach. During this era Kurt's hair stayed the same style, with the exception of him dying it black for a while. In August 1992, he wore it short in the months before that he wore it  nearly the same style but let it grow like in the bleach era later that year  he had and then grew it back.

Then came 1991. Perhaps the greatest year in Nirvana's career. Nevermind hit stores and Smells like Teen Spirit was topping charts worldwide. Kurt's hair changed a lot at this time. It was still long but shorter than the Bleach days. His hair was about half way down his shoulder. In this same era Kurt Dyed his hair red for the shooting of the music video In Bloom, it was red for a few photo shoots also. And thorought most of 1992 he wore it short (pictured, kurt at Reading 1992) in the months before that he wore it  nearly the same  style but let it grow like in the bleach era later that year  he had and then grew it back.

Kurt kept this look through the release of Incesticide. He did however change the color of his hair a few times from blue to red.

He grew it back to the length of the Nevermind days. This haircut was possible most widely seen at the famous concert MTV's Unplugged in New York . Kurt kept it this way way through the release of In Utero. Kurt pretty much kept it that way until late 1993 and early 1994. Kurt grew his hair out once again to just about the same length as it was in the late 1980's. Kurt's hair was a little longer than shoulder length at the time of his death.