Even In His Youth: A Tribute to Nirvana

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Best part on whole page. Many, many different miscellaneous facts. Includes a time line, Kurt's suicide note, biographies, discography, equipment facts, and a whole lot more.
Everything single thing about the tragic death of the late Kurt Cobain
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Word Scramble

Here is a list of fifteen Nirvana album titles, only scrambled! Your job is to unscramble these titles. For the answers, click the link at the bottom.

1. Ydolf het rabreb 

2. rirrtotaile ginssspi 

3. hltiumi 

4. Drouatnrnu

5. tisgnif 

6. syuramne 

7. -7D 

8. sssltecne ppeetiacrn 

9. vrese het tvrsensa 

10. Xwebsae

11. veenigta erpce 

12. Vole Zubz 

13. sseedln sseemnla 

14. yynneolpra eat

15. Srafenc rremaf liwl veha erh vgeeenr no tsleeat

The Answers