Welcome to the unofficial website for former Kfar Blum Volunteers.   This website seeks to link together the thousands of former Kfar Blum volunteers (and ulpanim) from across the globe, who over the past half-century, spent a short, but usually extremely memorable, portion of their lives on Kfar Blum, a -- THE -- kibbutz in Northern Israel!
    Inspired by Laurie (Schechter) Rimon's "Kfar Blum American Class Alumni" website, this site opened in September 2000 with just two names and emails.  Almost eight years later, this site lists the names and emails of some 400 Kfar Blum 'Alumni', and continues to grow.
       If YOU were ever on Kfar Blum -- either as a volunteer; or on the Ulpan; Habonim; are an ex-member; etc   please add your name to the growing list of Kfar Blum "alumni" by contacting
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      Passover 5768  (APRIL 2008):  Chag Sameach to Everyone!

  Well Worth Checking out:  Kfar Blum official Photo Archives with some truly wonderful photos.


  While this website's  frontpage continues to be updated,  other sections have NOT been updated.   To see if  a particular person has "signed up,"  you need to scroll through the list of people on this front page AND also go to the 2000-2002 Signing Up   (The "by decade" or" by country" sections have NOT been updated for several years) 


In March 2003, came this stunning news from Laurie (Schechter) Rimon:  "As of 2002, there are no more volunteers on Kfar Blum." Thus ended a fantasy of many:  Of one day returning to the kibbutz as an aging volunteer - or of sending our children to relive the dream


  Those who were on Kfar Blum during the early 1970s, will well remember volunteer head, Yehuda Shagam...:  "Obituary:  To all our friends- Yehuda Shagam passed away on the 18.2.2002 ... Yehudit "  (Yehudit Hameiri yehudith-h@kbm.org.il )


Message From Kibbutz Member, Shimon Schwartz, in chargeof Kfar Blum archives: """Please inform anybody that would like specific information about the kibbutz today or in the past or members of the kibbutz today (or those that have passed away)... to feel free to contact me at hamutal_@kbm.org.il  and I will do my best to help them. 








April: 2008 - Change of E Mail - Zvi Schulman  I was in the ulpan in 1971 and remained in Kfar Blum as a member of the kibbutz.   Please update my e-mail:   sohulm_n@kbm.org.il 

APRIL 2008 - Calire Vogelhut (Claire Malliaris)
Hi !  My name was Claire Vogelhut when I was an ulpan student at Kfar Blum, January - June of '76.  My name now is Claire Malliaris and my email is eclair48@shaw.ca   I'd appreciate being added to the list.  Thanks,  Claire

March 2008  David Walsh david_walsh@depaultrust.net

 My name is David Walsh from Ireland I lived at Kafar Blum from August 1984 to March 1985 I have very fond memoirs of my time there I remember Erik from Sweden Tony from England Tim from England and many more. Regards  David  

Marilie (Bohlmann) Randewijk Marilie.Randewijk@eskom.co.za

Hallo,  I was a volunteer from March to June 1987.  I never thought there would be a chance to make contact with this 'chapter' of my life again - thanks for the chance!

I worked with 6 of the 1-2 year old children and wonder what became of them?  I also worked in the guest house (and still make my bed in the way I was taught there...) I remember Norma Sive (head of the kitchen), Danny (volunteer leader at the time) and Rita (head of the cleaners in the hotel) and hope they are well!  The outings for the volunteers to Haifa, the waterfall (?) and surrounding towns, swimming in the Jordan river and jogging next to the cotton plantations are still fond memories! 

I wonder what happend to 'Angel' and 'Luis' (of Spain) and 'Mark' of London...

I am now married to Peter-Jan Randewijk and have two children (girl and boy).  I am working as an electrical engineer in a suburb near Cape Town.

Marilie (Bohlmann) Randewijk

Arthur S. Bickel  asbickel@netvision.net.il  
I was a volunteer during the Summer of 1962 with a group of Americans.
From: forselwyn@hotmail.com
To: kfarblum@hotmail.com
Subject: Pioneer
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 12:29:56 +0000

Hi there
My great aunt, then Brina or 'Stella' Mayerovitch, was a pioneer of Kva Blum in the Thirties - I believe.  Do you have any information about her - I met with her 20 years ago in Israel but have lost touch - her daughter is Ruthie - unfortunately I have no recent surnames.
Selwyn Foreman Stanmore
London  UK +44 7958 127 925I now live in Ramat Beit Shemesh.  Arthur 

From: jpm.cons@prentrom.com
To: Kfarblum@hotmail.com
Subject: Goldie Hurwitz
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 16:01:14 -0500

In going through letters left by my mother Esther Duker Pollack, there is correspondence with Goldie Hurwitz, who went to Kfar Blum after graduation from Radcliffe College in 1937.  Might Goldie Hurwitz still be living?

 Thanks very much,  Judith Pollack Meyer

Change of Email:  Stuart Boyle   Can you please change change my details (E-mail address) from stuartboyle@hotmail.com to sebby@policeoracle.com    Thanks  Stuart Boyle London England

My name is Enno Kim and I was a stagier in 1988/1989 and I was working the most of the time in the Guesthouse. I follow the news in your region always. But with the new situation a I am focus a lot. My special interest of course is Kibbutz Kfar Blum. I hope that no one is injured and that everyone is save in the bunkers. I hope that the situation will increase en that there will be peace in your area.
With Love Enno Kim -The Netherlands EARKIM@versatel.nl

CHANGE: Judy Cherney - jrcherney@comcast.net  - Updated e-mail Hey there, If possible, I would like my e-mail updated.  I was in the American Class. 1972-1973 & a volunteer in 1981 Thanks, Judy Cherney 




Sent: 12/6/2007 

My name is Judy Gostin and I lived on Kfar Blum in the 70's.


From: jrcherney@comcast.net

Sent: 12/1/2007 2:10:02 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Udate

I was a volunteer in the 1980's.  My e-mail address is:
jrcherney@comcast.net. Thanks, Judy Cherney



Subject: Habonim Workshop 1955-56
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:49:46 -0500
From: mdavis4574@aol.com

I found your website and wanted my name added to the list. I attended the Habonim Workshop at Kfar Blum 1955-56. If you know of others who were there at the same time please let me know. I found Lois Ostrov's name but her email address has changed. Do you have an updated list.
Milt Davis
445 Shore Road
Cape Neddick, ME 03902

From: geepee@westnet.com.au
Reply-to: gaylepotter@gmail.com

Sent: 12/15/2007 10:28:42 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Ancient History

I was a volunteer at Kfar Blum in 1958! Initially I came with a group of  fellow Australian "Shaham" volunteers to Kibbutz Erez in Sha'ar HaNegev
in March 1957. After I year I decided to explore some other kibbutzim and went to Kfar Blum. My experience was rather mixed after Erez. I was
a bit put off because no one would speak Hebrew, "raq anglit," also, I found the weather a bit cool for my liking. So I headed down to kibbutz
Yotvata near Eilat where the climate was much to my preference and everyone spoke "raq ivrit!" Then I spent a few years on Kibbutz Dorot
which is near Erez and enjoyed that experience also. A few years in Tel Aviv and Akka, then 7 years in the UK before returning home to Oz.

December 2007 - From: gaylepotter@gmail.com 

GAYLE RICHARDES-POTTER 1957 -1961.  We were a group of nine young Australians who arrived at midnight at Haifa by sea via South Africa, France and Italy, in March 1957. We were on a scheme called Shakham or Sherút Kherúm which entailed one year of voluntary service on a kibbutz. I was the only non-Jewish member and, while all the others returned home after the year, I remained for over four years.

Upon our arrival we split into groups going to different kibbutzim. Three of us went to kibbutz Erez where we arrived in a truck just before dawn. Erez was a young part agricultural settlement and part military outpost situated on the Gaza Strip. The membership was almost entirely young Israeli born Sabras and I learned Hebrew very quickly until some mistook me for a local. I still have the text books we learned from - Eleph Milím, א and ב

Israel was only 9 years old, the dust was still settling after the 1956 Suez Campaign, and I did my share of night guard duty. I have a medal awarded to those who did volunteer para-military service at that time (border guarding). I had many adventures. They were years full of happiness and I came alive in Israel. The climate and the land were so similar to what I knew from home and the Israelis (back then!) and the Australians (back then!) had very similar national characters. I met PM Ben Gurion and Golda Meir and once, when hitch-hiking deep in the Negev, I was picked up by Chief of Staff Col. Moshe Dayan who told me how he had lost his eye when serving with an Australian army unit in Syria during WW2.

After Erez I went to Kfar Blum in 1958. It was a mixed experience for there were no Sabras and the members were mostly from the UK or South Africa. Everyone spoke rak anglit and I wanted to speak raq ivrit!  I guess I felt rather uncomfortable in a social environment that was different to anything I had known – very cool and reserved. Things must have changed a lot since then. Also the climate, although summer, was too cool for me so I headed for kibbutz Yotvata down near Eilat where I was very happy. Then I spent two years on kibbutz Dorot from which I retain treasured memories. Dorot is a neighbor to Erez. Finally, working in Tel Aviv and Akka before going to the UK for 7 years where I became a Registered Nurse, studied Arabic, married, and returned to Australia in 1968. I live in Perth, Western Australia. Sadly, I have never been able to afford to return – but the changes may be too much for me.

I see other members listed from the 1950s. How about creating a 1950s listing? What a shame my other kibbutzim do not have a similar 'keep in touch' scheme. gaylepotter@gmail.com



 Barbara Cramer (formerly Barbara Seidman) Please add me to the list of Kfar Blum Alumni. I was there as a volunteer in 1983. April - August, 1983 Los Angeles, California USA   cramerb@swbell.net

Barbara NeuermanVery happy to have found your web page....I have been trying to find out news of the conditions at the Kibbutz...this has stirred many fond memories for me and I want to know if one can make a contribution directly to the Kibbutz to rebuild. Here is my information to be added to the site. Barbara Strauss Neuerman. Kfar Blum Volunteer thru the Isreali labor organization (Histadrut), July 1968. bneuerman@hotmail.com Please let me know when and where we can send a donation to Kfar Blum to rebuild.

  Yvette Zindel /van der graaf agleska@wanadoo.nl  Hey -I was in the kfar blum kibbutz Any others you know  from ‘98 I think it was ;)  ciao   Yvette Zindel /van der graaf agleska@wanadoo.nl

JULY 2006

Susan Purks (now Heck).  I was a volunteer for most of 1972, Baltimore, MD.  It was the most memorable year of my life.  I loved meeting young people from all over the globe - Russia, Australia, England, Holland, South Africa and more.  What a great time in our lives -- listening and singing along with each other, and Crosby, Stills & Nash.  Hitchhiking around the country, floating in the Dead Sea, snorkeling in the Red Sea, walking along the alleys of the old city of Jerusalem, getting falafel in Kiryat Shamona, Friday night dances in the dining room at Kfar Blum "and now, a cha cha."  I'd love to hear from Janice from Skokey if you read this! Foofoo1223@aol.com

Leta Hillman   Hello, -   I was a volunteer and ulpan participant from late 1972 until the summer of 1973. I returned home to join the Garin to Kibbutz Gezer and returned to assist Shoshana Cohen in the Moadon following the 1973 War. Aki Cohen and Hannah were my kibbutz parents.  My roommate was Beatriz who married Ofer ( I still have pictures from their kibbutz wedding). Wonderful memories from long ago.  I am married now and reside in a suburb of San Francisco and work at the Univ. of California, Berkeley.Contact Details: Leta Hillman leta.hill@hotmail.com   

(And resent by Leta Hillman) -
I came across this site and am adding my name.   I was first in the Ulpan from 1972 through 1973, then stayed as a volunteer until I made Aliyah to Kibbutz Gezer in 1973.  Returned following the end of the October 1973 to assist Shoshanah Cohen in the Moadan. Aki and Hannah Cohen were my Kibbutz parents.  I now live near San Francisco and work at UC Berkeley (if you are local, you can look me up).   My roommate was Beatrice Presser? from NY who married Ofer- I still have the photos. I still have very fond memories of the time spent here and have returned as a tourist several time -
Leta Hillman leta.hill@hotmail.com

Hello, My name is Lisa Mann and I was a voluteer from 7/73-4/74.  I stumbled across your website but I thought I should add my name. The best experience of my live!! I live in San Rafael, CA, now. Please add me to the '70's group. Sincerely, Lisa Mann  lulumann@excite.com

Name: Anders Zilliacus   When: June-August 1981   From:  Helsinki, Finland  Current: Helsinki, Finland E-mail: anderszilliacus@hotmail.com

Jeannette.Azra - I was in Israel at Kibbutz Yiron in 1968-1969.   I am looking for Brenda Baumgarten…Does this name sound familiar...She move to Kibbutz Kfar Blum in 1968-1969 from Canada.   My e-mail address is jaazra@msn.com

Hi, my husband, Mark Melin (USA, Jan 77 till Aug 77) and I, Mirjam Nieuwendijk (Holland, March 77 till Aug 77) were both volunteers at Kfar Blum. We got married in Holland in 1978 and moved to Wisconsin. We have 3 sons, Kyle, Travis and Dylan. Life has been good to us. We sure have many wonderfull memories of Kfar Blum. Mark worked in the chicken barns and the pool. I worked in the kitchen, dining room and orchards.  W would love to hear from anyone who was ther during the first half of 77 mmmelin@charter.net

SEARCHING - Tarja Jalaya - Hi  I´m looking for my friend, who was an ulpanist 1976 .  I am not able to get to write my message : looking for friend.  best regards to Laurie and I hope to find the way to write  to my friend, whom I am looking for,  Kerri Krieger is her name   my name is Tarja Jalava
from Finland, I used to work with Laurie at the *mifal* misrad 

April:2006 - Cordpivet

My name is Marie Berenbaum . I was in kfar Blum in 1956 - 57 I would like to know if there are still any of the Vardi family living in the kibbutz. The names are Rifka and Ishiyahu Vardi  They used to live previously in Kfar Daniel before moving to Kfar Blum.

Kind Regards Marie Now M. Churney

Tara Anchel, Hi,  I was at Kfar Blum from March - May 1993 and would love to get in touch with some of the people I volunteered with. My info is: Tara Anchel, now in Toronto, Canada, taranchel@gmail.com    
Thanks so much.  Tara   taranchel@gmail.com

DAVID WALSH irish -1/4/2006

Date: 1/4/2006
From: Donna.Bignell@stmartinshousing.org.uk



Hello to Everyone at Kfar Blum --
My name now -- and then -- is Nora Kavner. I was a volunteer during the summers of 1968 and 1969. My time as a volunteer at Kfar Blum includes some of the happiest memories of my life. I send all my best wishes to friends that I had then who may still be around at Kfar Blum. I am from Los Angeles, and, after living in several other places, I now live in Los Angeles. My e-mail name is NKavner@hotmail.com.
I am happy to have found this site.

My name is Steve Fistell. I was a volunteer for only 5 weeks in the winter of 84. I was one of the oldest volunteers then, maybe the oldest at age 36. It felt like home. stevenfistell@sympatico.ca

From: "Matthew Winter" <matt_winter@hotmail.com>To: <hamutal_@kbm.org.il>Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 3:46 PMSubject: Kibbutz Kfar Blum>I stumbled across your site as I have many happy memories of Kfar Blum. I >was a volonteer there from November 1988 to March 1989 and much to my >regret didn't go back after "doing" Egypt for a couple of months. Please >feel free to add me to your list, I live in London, Uk and am British born >and bred. If you would like any more info oplease feel free to contact me.>> Kind Regards>> Matt Winter

please add me on to your list of vtsitors .Krystal Kolnik I visited in 1995...and i am from South Africa info@capefishing.co.za

there is a new site a memorial site for nehmia levanon a member of the kibbutz that passed away. the site is in hebrew and english,in it is nehmaias book the road to the jordan that deals mainly with the beginning of kfar blum. in the hrbrew part there are pop ups of memorial pages for members mention in the the book that have since passed away/
you might find intrest in this site. the url of the english site is http://www.nechemia.org/nechemia.html

Hi,My name is Anders Zilliacus and i was in Kfar Blum between june-august -81. I am from Helsinki, Finland and my e-mail address is: anderszilliacus@hotmail.com Kind regards

Hi,My name is Beth Fletcher and I was a volunteer at Kfar Blum in 1993 fromabout mid Februrary until end March. I had a wonderful time there - myfavourite job was milking the cows! I am originally from Australia but nowliving in Amsterdam and hope to go back to Israel for a visit one day.Cheers,Beth Beth.Fletcher@cliffordchance.com

My name is Barry (Dov) Landzbaum from Chicago. I was at KB with Stu Brandhandler; we arrived at KB together, but I left the ulpan a month or so early. Our ulpan teacher was Rivka Arzi (z"l). She was so good that, thanks to her and others, I've taught Hebrew at ulpanim.
Regards to the Rimons, the Gelbs and the Henigs.
I've been living in Arad since 1980. I'm married and have 3 children.
All the best.
Barry (Dov) LandzbaumCertified Translator & English Teacher08-9959239; 054-4859239

My name is Raymond Brightwell. I am from New Zealand. I volunteered at Kfar Blum from October 89 to late 1990. I have so many good memories of my time there.(One year) The weather, the birds migrating, the apple orchards. The whole experience is one I can never forget. It was probably the most exhilarating year of my life. What a shame it is no more. I wonder why Kfar Blum took that step. I still have contact with some members from there and even had some kibbutz kids come to stay with me.

NAME;: Hiroshi SAITO
EMAIL ADDRESS:wrenestudio@charter.net
WHERE YOU ARE FROM: JAPAN (with a group of 10+ Japanese )


Habonim 5th Workshop at K'far Blum, Eddie Parsons Madrich 1955-56
Roz (Rozzy Adin) Vogelfangerrozelliot@webtv.netNewport Coast(Beach) CAThere were 3 of us on our Workshop and the program was similar to whatDebby N. (Kallen) described.I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY - Crown Heights and then Daroma. ThenLA., 11 yrs NJ. 24 years in Houston, TX and now CA again.We just returned from Israel 7/10/05 with our three grandson's and theirparents on a B'nai Mitzvah tour which unexpectedly and happily included2 nights at K'far Blum which is greatly changed from the "old days". Wewere unable to arrange the time to see Pinchas Rimon (shaliach to NY-K'far Blumer,etc.) I was delighted that my kibbutz "ima"(more like a bigsister) Stephie who was married to Sticky(formerly from Great Britain,now deceased) was there and entertained us beautifully. Stephie foryears had much responsibility for aspects of the Guest house which nowhas some 140 rooms and is lovely. Hers is the only family with 4 (four)generations living at K'far Blum!

my name is maurice r steif, also known as butch, and the members called me moishe. i was a mitnadev from september 73 till dec 75. originally from the bronx, nyc, but now live in new jersey. i arrrived 1 week before the melchamah started.
i worked in the apple orchards and all the regular jobs, but i was the one who rebuilt the beds and frames and cleaned up in the miklateem....also played bass guitar at a wedding and some functions with a guitar player and drummer who's names i cannot remember....
i am visiting israel next week and would like to stop by and see what is doing...
thanks very much
maurice moshe butch steif
livingston nj mench44@aol.com

I lived in Kfar Blum in '85 and have to say it was as home as home can be.. I'm now living in NYC with my wife and two kids. I went back to Israel as part of our honeymoon and of course visited "home" and introduced my wife to yaffa (Gal) my "mother" on the Kibbutz. I was glad to see this site exists but sorry to hear the volunteer program does not. The time I shared with the members and volunteers will always be a part of who I am today..Russ T FisherRuss T FisherOne Fish Two Fish Productions300 E. 93rd St. #8BNew York NY 10128Cell 917 837-7105Office 212 534-6542

APRIL 2005

I think I was there in 1961 on an AZO trip-I remember swimming in the Jordan river and picking cotton. Surprised to see this site. JoanIPS@aol.com

JFREEDMAN@PARTNERS.ORG I started out as an Ulpan member and stayed on thanks to Yehuda as a volunteer. I was there June 1974-May 1975 and again during the summer of 1977. I came to the kibbutz one person and left another.

 I have been working in a hospital in Boston for the past 27 years. I worked first as a nurse and now ( 20 years) as a Nurse Pracitioner.. I still remember the katusah blues and many tiuls with Yehuda..... I wish you all peace..

I think I have sent the information long time ago, but as I am not on the list - here it is again:

Jannie Christiansen, Denmark, jc@askegaarden.dk
I was in Kfar Blum from October 1995 to January 1996. Great fun.



My name is Avi(Hendrik) Muydernan and I was in the Ulpan 1972-1973. I was 17 and the youngest there I remember names like Lyle Sumner from Canada and Rob Peper from Holland. From there I went into the army and sde nehemia avipraha@hotmail.com 

I came as a 17 year old oleh hadash to the ulpan from Holland.

I was the youngest there and remember names as Lyle Sumner from Canada and Rob Peper from Holland A scottish guy working at the laundry with his hebrew in a scottish accent and ofcopurse my boss David Weinstein.The year was 1972-1973


Hi, My name is Lindi Rudnicki (nee Giger) I have posted a message, but would like to update it.  I was on Kfar Blum in 1990, as part of the Habonim Dror Southern Africa Machon Group.  I was adopted by Dubi and Sara Ben Ari, and our group leader was the late Barney Rod.  I am living I Johannesburg, South Africa, with my husband Michael, and our two gorgeous children Hannah who is 6 and Jake who is 3.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me on Michael.rudnicki@kpmg.co.za  Michael Rudnicki

Brad Pollock (braddpollock@yahoo.com) and Roland Pelke (rpelke@davert.de) asked me, Mike Lengle (mikelengle@hotmail.com) to list them on the Kfar Blum volunteer site.  We were volunteers in 1990.  We have fond memories of lots of goldstar, arak and maccabee;  football outside the dining hall; hitch hiking and exploring the galilee; peeling potatoes in the kitchen; weekly trips to the volunteer pub in kiryat shemona; swimming in the jordan, as well as late at night in the pool; all our international friends.  Brad, Roland and I have visited each other several times over the years, and are planning a reunion in Germany in 2006 for the World Cup.


  Julie M Freedman JFREEDMAN@PARTNERS.ORG  I just checked the Kfar Blum alums..just wanted to make sure at some point I am included..My years there were 1973-74, and summer 1977. Be well

My name's Isaac Kohler, and I was in the ulpan Sept. 95 thru Feb. 96. I worked in the "marklivah" making cheeses, yogurt, and patuerizing milk. Of course, also some work @ polygal,and other places. It truly was one of the best times in my life, and the memories are treasured!!! Anybody can contact me @ isaackohler@msn.com.

 Helo there, here you got another volunteer for your list.  name:  Pablo Villanueva Serrano     e-mail: villas7@supercable.es
 date:  in the summer of 1991 I was doing dishes the two first weeks and ther rest of time I         was milking cows. ˇwhat a nice job!
 country:  Spain   shalom for every body in that nice kibbutz


Mike Lengle - I was a volunteer on Kfar Blum in 1990.  I am still in touch with two other volunteers, a fellow American, and a German.  I will ask them to send their information as well.  Mike Lengle mikelengle@hotmail.com

Information Change for Lloyd Cain "To whom ever runs this fantastic web site for ex-volunteers from kfar blum. My name is lloyd cain and I was a volunteer at kfar blum from 02/2000-08/2000 my old details are on your web site undet the 2000 volunteers list but those details have changed. my email has changed to lloydcain@ananzi.co.za , and i now work and live in france along the french riviera working on private
luxury yachts. i do the med season from april to late september and then go across the atlantic to the carribean
to do there season, and so it goes for me back and forth.
     im sad to hear that kfar blum no longer takes volunteers, it was such a wonderful and fantastic place for me and very good to me too, i hope to return one day but sadly not as a volunteer anymore but this time as just a tourist. keep up the good work lloyd



Sofie Mathiesen (Denmark) sofiemathiesen@hotmail.com   & Mieneke Kuis (Holland) mieneke_k@hotmail.com

volenteers in Kfar Blum 1996,Wanting to know what happened to Debbie, Haneke and the rest of the gang?

Leza de Bruyn  E-mail: leza12@lycos.com  On Kfar blum: Jan 1996 to June 1996. Nationality: South African

Mr. Esben steenholt - Denmark esbensteenholt@stofanet.dk Please sign me up,  I was in KB from Nov 1992 to Feb 1993 and I loved it. 


From: paul@pparkerson.wanadoo.co.uk  Hello my name is paul parkerson . i was a volunteer at kfarblum in 1991, august until december.
i was one of 4 english lads that arrived. we were told about the kibbutz from a former volunteer that you would all have heard of , his name was george. a well liked guy who still has many friends there. my time and experience in kfarblum and neot mordichi was and is a great part of my life that ill never forget.meeting so many good people from all over the world and in particular the hospitality shown by the people of isreal . like many others i said that i would go home earn some money and return, unfortunately i have not yet done that,but one day i hope to return and show my children, luke 5 and tia 10 months when they are old enough what a great part of the world it is. not sure if anyone can remember me i came with 3 other guys called ben ,tom and lee. hope everyone i met with over there are safe and well . hope to get a reply from someone who knows me. by the way i was not the one who used to start the food fights in the canteen.

Subj: Kfar Blum 1984-85   From: cindyred60@hotmail.com 
We (Eric and Cindy Fischer) were volunteers at Kfar Blum, Summer of  1984 till spring of 1985.  Eric's been back to visit many times since.  We lived in Tiberias from 1990-1991.  He'll probably be visiting KB this summer with  two of our four sons.


Ben Bfeffer benpfeffer@tmchomes.com   Hi i,I ran across your interesting site.  I attended a ulpan and was a volunteer at Kfar Blum from January 1974- August of 1974. Thanks for putting togther this web site. Regards, Ben Pfeffer

Stephen Silver -nishmatkhayim@shaw.ca  Hi:  I spent one month at K'far Blum as a volunteer, beginning in the last week of May, 1982.
Warm Regards, Stephen Silver


Please update the emails of Tova and Mark Cohen:  Mark cohen's email:  markc@pullapart.com
Tova Cohen' email: tcohe01@emory.edu Thank you, Tova

Marleen Penders, marleenpenders@hotmail.com  Hi, I would like to add my name to the list of ex-volunteers. I stayed in Kfar Blum from January 1982 until November 1985. A great time! marleenpenders@hotmail.com

My name is Job Weiss, originally from Southern California.  I was a volunteer at KB from Jan 1997 till Nov 1997 when I became a soldier in Tsahal.  I still remember all those punch parties, and playing guitars outside the Boogie Room.  I even remember a volunteer from Finland (Petri) who taught us how to play Kyykka, kind of like bowling in teams, and with a wooden bat instead of a ball.  If anyone remembers those good ol' days and wants to drop me a line, reach me at weissjob@hotmail.com  Shalom


Vanessa Weigall - I was on Kfar Blum in 1990, with my sister Fiona. Email is vweigall@iprimus.com.au  and I'm from Australia

Hello. My name is Sándor Varga.I stayed from 1996 till 1997 at Kfar Blum.All the time I stayed at Kfar Blum,I worked at the guest-house.It was the best time of my life. I made very good friends; with some I still got contact. And by this site, I hope, more.   My email adress is: svarga72@hotmail.com

JULY 2004

Mireille Meister  mirmeis@videotron.ca  July 196? (pre-67) My name is Mireille Meister formerly from France. I tripped on your website by accident. Did not find anybody I knew but it was before the 6 days war! We were a group of about 20 young French people, not anyone of us Jewish We were at Kfar Blum in july 196something.Our job was to pickup pears. We collected the most, but in a sloppy manner and the pears were not saleable! Sorry! The night of our arrival, we were greeted very late at night with riffles and machine guns. The MIGS were flying over a bit too often. The swimming pool was new and one night we decide to go skinny dipping …until all the flood lights went on and were surrounded by very worry kibbutzniks with machine guns again. It was that kind of time. Another day, we “borrowed” the bikes from the kibbutz after lunch and went to buy some steaks at Kiryat Shemona. Were a bit late coming back and caused another commotion! Was there another group of non-jewish French after us? I doubt. Nevertheless, I personally have very found memories of my stay at the kibbutz. Our French chief was a certain Robert and I do not remember any other name. But it is such a long time ago! Here is my e-mail address (I now live in Canada) mirmeis@videotron.ca Mireille Meister J

 Jonathan DC Turner mail@jonathanturner.com   Hi. I spent a beautiful summer at Kfar Blum in 1977. It was so peaceful then. We walked down lanes covered with willow (?) trees to Kiryat Shemona without a care. I wonder what it is like now. I can't remember any names, but I remember some faces.  I am now a barrister in London, specialising in intellectual property, married with 3 children aged 11, 13 and 15. We go to Israel on holiday quite often, but I have not been back to Kfar Blum. I think of the fish farm at Kfar Blum when I have carp for breakfast in Israel. I follow the news from Israel avidly - both in the UK and Israeli press on the internet. I am a frequent complainer of the BBC's coverage, recently with some success. www.JonathanTurner.com

Hi - My name is Jordan (Yehuda) Fox. I was part of a group from Northeastern Univ. of Boston that attended the Ulpan class from June to December 1971. My email is jordans.fox@comcast.net  All the Best

Dave Phillips - December, 1979 - January, 1980 - Volunteer on South African "Tapuz" programme as per above dates for approx 2 mths- from Durban, South Africa- Dave Phillips- davep@law.co.za. With Mark Chesler, Steven Mink and Mathew Krause(JHB).

Mark Chesler mark@remax-rocks.co.za   From December 1979 to February 1980. l live in Durban South Africa I was absolutely amazed to see this website. A real trip down memory lane.  Thanks

Vicki (Sher) Loftus - Kfar Blum - July/August, 1950     vloftusis@rogers.com 
      I have just visited the Kfar Blum volunteer web site.  On checking the list of volunteers,  I see that the 1950's is an 'unrepresented' decade.
However, in the summer of 1950, a group of young Americans and Canadians spent 2 months at Kfar Blum.  The Canadians, in particular, were drawn to the kibbutz because the Maskir at the time was Akiva Skidel- a former Canadian.  At the time, there were about 6 or 7 Canadians in the group - and I was one of them. 
       The kibbutz experience in particular and the experience of Israel in general was probably the most significant experience of my life.  As I sit here writing this note, my Israeli granddaughter may very well be waking up in Kfar Blum - the dormitory for the International  Music Workshops at Tel Hai - which she is attending.   It's almost unbelievable that 54 years ago this very day,  I was groaning awake at 3:30 am - to schlepp out to the vineyards to pick grapes and 54 years later I have 3 great Israeli grandkids whom I visit as often as possible.  
      I hope all of you volunteers took away as much richness from the experience as I did.  
 Vicki (Sher) Loftus Kfar Blum - July/August, 1950      vloftusis@rogers.com 

Jannie Christiansen  Hi I thought I had registered - but it might have been somewhere else. My name is Jannie Christiansen (at that time my family name was Jřrgensen). I was in Kfar Blum from october 1995 to January 1996. My e-mail is jc@askegaarden.dk . I come from Denmark.

Hi!  My name is Esther Colaco Belmonte (20-04-1978) and I am Dutch. I was a volunteer on Kfar Blum in June/July 1998. It really was the best time of my life although it was a very short stay. I met the most wonderful people there and I partied my brains out! My e-mail address is: boogieforever@hotmail.com "

MAY 2004

I was first on Kfar Blum from June 73-May 74. The first 6 months were on the Ulpan the rest was as a volunteer. I then returned in the summer of 1977 as a volunteer.. I should be on the list somewhere since I already responded but do not see my name..
I live in Boston with my partner Scott

1971 Devora Mandell mand1998@bellsouth.net

Pls can you change the Email addresses in you 1990s volunteers.
Steven Besterstevenb@hardyboys.co.za
Marc Bestershiftd@spunchem.co.za

Hi there.  My name is Andrew McLaughlin and I signed up for this site in 2002.  My email has subsequently changed – it is not longer aamclaug@ucalgary.ca, but is now andrewmclaughlin@shaw.ca.  Can you please make the necessary changes.

APRIL 2004

    Cecilia from Sweden - Hi! I would like to add my details to the list of ex-volunteers of the 1980's. My name is Cecilia from Sweden and I was on Kfar Blum four times: Feb-Jul 1984, Mar-Jul 1985, Mar-Jul 1987 and May-Jul 1988. My email address is gallgrc@aol.com 


       Karen Singer (nee Mason) singers2@netvision.net.il   Hello,  I would like you to add my name to the volunteers home page please. my name is Karen Singer (nee Mason) i was on Kfar Blum from June 1981 till may 1983, Originally from London England. Thank you very much. Karen


 roelantbosman@hotmail.com   Hello,my name is Roelant bosman I´m dutch but the last 12 years living in Spain. I was at KB from June till December 1983;it certainly is among the best experiences in my life (so far, that is...).I ´ve seen already some names on the list of people I remember; It would be very nice hearing from anyone. I worked the first 2 weeks cleaning up the dining-hall; gardener; ironing at the laundrette.

CHANGE: Karl Trausti Iceland mars - Juli 1990 new email  karltrausti@hotmail.com



Hi, my name is Denise Lechner and I was a volunteer in kibutz kfar blum in 1998, if you want any other information to have in the directory please e-mail me at ranciota@hotmail.com  thank you. Denise

My name is Allen Bordoley and I was a "sort of volunteer" in Dec 1962 and in 1963. I came out to KB in Dec 62 to go on an Unlpan at Maayan Zvi from Feb to July.    Prior to that I worked on KB on the fish ponds and with the cows.  All arranged by my uncle Shalom Bordoley (Barzilai) who have to tell you passed away 13th Aug. 2003, aged 87.  His lovely wife, Leah is in the nursing home but remembers everything. Perhaps she taught you Ivrit.  After July I came back to KB with my fiancee, Elzy Pincus, who was originally from Nairobi, Kenya., where we worked as a team picking apples until Oct 12 1963  I was in Habonim in London 1946/8 in Plugah, Heatid and Pl. Bema'aleh. We have 3 children, one of whom, Dan cycled London to KB with Nicky Freilich and worked here for 6 months up to July 1988.  A lot of the pioneers have gone now. David & Rita Neveh, Schmulick, Acky Cohen,Numka Levanon, Menashah Ben Ari.I can be contacted on allenbordoley@hotmail.com       Shalom

Sanford Lewis - April -November 1973 CDEX1@aol.com  I too am a former volunteer at Kfar Blum .   Upon reading  your short recollection I was amazed at the similarities. While my residence there probably predates yours ( April 73 through November 73) our experiences seem remarkably the same.I too lived in the  shacks which were not far from the bus station.  For my brief time, I stayed in the cinder block housing in the rear of the kibbutz which faced the Golan Heights. My work days  were spent in the orchards, apple warehouse, fish ponds, and kitchen.   Catching the early morning bus to Kiryat Sehmona  (sp) and then the connection to Haifa was a big day.     Yehuda Shagam was the Leader of the Volunteers.  His presence is still with me. Lot more to take about.  CDEX1@aol.com   Sanford Lewis

Jannie Haupt Christiansen   jc@askegaarden.dk DenmarkI have been a volunteer in Kfar blum from October 1995 to January 1996. I made some very good freinds there. Especially Pia, who is now married to Yiftach Dahadi, the grandson of Steffi, who is still livvng in the kibbutz. I also remember: Michelle, South Africa - Pipa, UK Shelly, New Zealand - The Devon-Bird, Amanda Dale Isabel, Germany Frederik, DK - Walter, DK Anja, DK - Lise, DK Stephanie, Canada Johan, Belgium  Maike 1, NL Maike 2, NL and a lot of other wonderful people. I thonk my very good freind Pia might have some of the adresses. Thanks for a good site.  Jannie Haupt Christiansen   jc@askegaarden.dk Denmark

Sally Grusd (McDermott) 1971 - Now in Los Angeles sallymcdermott@earthlink.net

Eddie Frank - 1971 - Now in Lake Tahoe, California eddie@safaris.cc
I was at Kfar Blum for about 6 months in 1972. Worked in the Refet (cows) with Sally Grusd. Currently live in Lake Tahoe, California. email: eddie@safaris.cc



Alain Rapoport, France. alainrapoport@infonie.fr Dear Khaver ! I by chance stumbled on your ex-Kfar Blum volunteers web site. The reading of it brought me to memories I thought for ever gone. I spent four months as a volunteer in Kfar Blum in the first half of 1981. It was surely the best time in my life. Please, add my name to the list. The Paradise should not be lost. Alain Rapoport, France.

Sabina Läntha From: maine.privat.utfors.se@glocalnet.net   Hello! I was a volenter 1998 oktober and my i mai is. Sabbibi@hotmail.com
Sweden oktober-dec 1998! sabbibi@hotmail.com 

Renate kristofferson sweden oktober-dec 1998! umenate@hotmail.se

Tarja Jalava tarja.jalava@nurmijarvi.fi  Kfar Blum spring 1976 At the moment I live in Finland, city called Nurmijärvi

Leo Königs Hi, I was a volunteer on Kfar Blum in 81-82 and 83-84. I'm on your list since I allready signed in. Just mailing because my e-mailaddress changed. It's now leo.konigs@tiscali.nl  Merry X-Mass and a very happy new year to all KB people. members and ex-volunteers!! Leo Königs

Helen Taylor (now Reynolds) From: "Brian & Helen Reynolds" helenbri@alphalink.com.au   Hi, I was a Kfar-Blum volunteer from July to December 1989. My name back then was Helen Taylor (now Reynolds) and I went with a friend, Kirsty Rodger and her cousin Paul (but Paul only lasted a couple of weeks - didn't like losing weight from all the cottage cheese). We were all from New Zealand (I now live in Australia). Kirsty and I started working the first few days in the orchard, but were mainly in the Guest House when Netta Sasson was in charge of the cleaning section. Zohar (can't remember her surname) was the Volunteer Leader at the time. There were lots of drunken Poms there when we arrived, but Zohar eventually 'replaced' them with Germans & Norwegians, mainly. Kirsty went back for another stint around Christmas 1990, but was advised to leave when the gulf war started.
         I would love to know if anyone else from our time there has joined your group. I consider my few months on Kfar Blum as one of the best times of my life - we had a lot of fun.  Hi again, I just sent you an email to register (Helen Taylor - now Reynolds, July-Dec 1989). I forgot to mention that most people then knew me as 'SPUD'. Thanks

Tuija Tuominen, Hi! My e-mail address has changed. I was a volunteer at Kfar Blum from October 1978 to April 1979.


Shalom, I was in Kfar Blum ulpan in spring 1976 and my teacher was Zohar with long blond  hair. I was there with my ex husband Matti. We were same time as Theo Wit, Roger, Claire and Giaccomo Franco fron Napoli. I live in Finland and speak hebrew  every day with my Israeli friend, who lives next to my home. tarja.jalava@nurmijarvi.fi

Julie Freedman JFREEDMAN@PARTNERS.ORG   My name is . I started out in the Ulpan in the Summer of 1973. I stayed during the Yom Kippur War (a long story in itself). I remained on after my Ulpan as a volunteer until late Spring 1974. I had planned on being an art historian when I got to the Kibbutz and left with the goal of going to nursing school. I have been a nurse and then an NP for the past 25 plus years and live in Boston. I treasure my time on the Kibbutz.

Harriet Tenenbaum Hi- Great web page! I was a volunteer in Kfar Blum in the summer of 1992.
Best, Harriet Tenenbaum Brooklyn, NY

Jerry Hertz, Brookly, NY - jerryhertz@msn.com  I  was a volunteer on kfar blum circa 1971.

Roger B. Beck Hello, I have just become aware that the dates for my stay at Kfar Blum are not correct on the web site.  I was there from July 1969 to October 1969.  The dates given on the website show me being there in 1970.  Sorry for the confusion.  ... Roger B. Beck -History Department -Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, IL 61920   cfrbb@ux1.cts.eiu.edu


My name is Nicholas Mcpheebio-bev@ntlworld.com  ,I spent 8 weeks on kfar Blum as a volunteer  (as I was in Israel in) 2002/2003 I worked in the kitchen with Miriam Avin, Shmulick (the head chef) Regina, Richard (from Canada)  Gardi (Gimca) Noggin, Sfetlana, the two A'ylas,(& her boyfriend from South Africa John Stevenson) Moshe, (the handy man) David (from Georga) Eagal, the very lovely Annette,My friend & brother Shai, the very great Ronny Agmon,(ski instructor) my volunteer friend Jinn (from south Korea), Bungan (from Thailand) & my very good kibbutzim leader the legendry Mr Eddie Stern (thank Eddie I had a really enjoyable 10 weeks even though a tree crashed my roof in the middle of the night coz of the terrible storms,so because you were the kibbutz leader at that time I'm blaming you, not God!) the infamous Lillyblum brothers Eddie's 2 sons 
         It was quite a sad time at Kfar Blum also,  as just when I was "getting into it" the message went out that there was going to be "no more volunteers", so I felt a little sad, but always with the fondest  of memories (im also positive I will return again someday perhaps as a tourist)  
      Thanks also Ena Klienman,(for the loan of your pushbike) & Abraham Pittman for being such cheerful man & good friend!  so God Bless you all at kfar Blum,


Richard Sandler RickSand@webtv.net  I was a volunteer 1980. I am from Brooklyn NY. One of my roommates, Hiromichi Kumamoto, from Osaka, Japan; passed away a few years ago after a battle against cancer. Steve Schlossberg, was a good friend of mine. He was adopted by a family around that time...He came from Cleveland, Ohio. I lost track of him years ago. I will send pictures when I get a chance...my web tv does not have a scanner so I will ask someone to send them....when I find my scrapbook.       Richard Sandler ps:  Volunteering will continue, hopefully, in the future when security concerns will be lessened.

Sarah Hiley s.j.hiley@sussex.ac.uk Hi I am so pleased to have found this site!  I was there with my  friend Kelli White between Feb 1993 and June 1993 and had a fantastic time and met so many great people.  I can't believe it's over 10 years ago now! I would love to get back in touch with some others who were there at the same time. Add my name to the pack! Thanks Sarah Hiley s.j.hiley@sussex.ac.uk

Reuven Singer - reuvensinger@hotmail.com What a great thing you're doing! I LOVED my experience there and was wondering how I could contact other volunteers that were there for either long or short periods of time. My name is Reuven Singer. I was on Kfar Blum: March of 1998 to Jun of 1998. I am from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I was lucky enough to be a Matzil  ("savior" -lifeguard) at the Bricha- pool. What a great time! I have relatives there and am in regular monthly contact with them. (the Porat family- one of the founding families). Thanks again! Reuven

E-Mail Change: Hi, I'm Beatriz Presser (Kohl) my email address has changed to: beapres@optonline.net Please change it on this site.

Email change  Frits Craandijk   9/1982 - 7/1983  and 1/1984 - 7/1984 sflc@frreesurf.ch

Heather - heathcor@comcast.net   I was a volunteer on Kibbutz Kfar Blum in 1977-1978.  At that time I  was a South African citizen and I am now trying to locate two guys from Dover, England, also at that time I was still single and my name was Heather  Herr.  Should they see this e-mail they are kindly to contact me at heathcor@comcast.net   I would also like to be on the list of ex-volunteers and to be updated on any information pertaining to the Kibbutz.

AUGUST, 2003

Mike Huck ‘97 - mikehuck@shaw.ca  HiI spent a few amazing months at Kfar Blum in the spring and summer of 1997.  I often think about those times, doesn’t even seem that long ago.  I sent most of my time out in the fruit trees hacking at weeds and watching out for snakes.  Since I was a Saskatchewan farm boy, I even got to drive the tractors while the others had to smash in the rebar.  Growing up on a tractor has some uses! I am now a logger, salmon fisher, and adult education teacher on Vancouver Island, Canada.  I have often wanted to return and volunteer at Kfar Blum, so I am sad to hear that there are no more volunteers, I hope that in the future they will return.  Great Site, I can still see the orange trees outside my shack, and peacock walking around the barns.Cheers, Mike Huck ‘97

Hi, My name is Stan Sammeroff, SSammeroff@aol.com  I was a volunteer in the summer months of 1975. Worked in the electrical factory with Shmool, is he still around? Had a great time, should have stayed longer but I had exams to sit. I remember a gal called Lisa Reimer, anyone else remember her? Great memories. Stan

Hi my name is David Kelman david.kelman@utoronto.ca  .  I was in the American Class in 82-83, volunteer May-July and Sept-Dec '88, Sept- Nov. '96, and for a few weeks in '98.  I'm now working as a lawyer, married with first baby on the way.  It's too bad that Volly days are over at KB but I'm not surprised, considering the changes to the kibbutz itself and the difficulties maintaining the program and keeping the volunteers out of trouble (a task I was entrusted with in '96).  Hundreds of people with a great experiences of Israel, and a few louts ruining things for future generations. Sigh.  Hope to hear from friends.    David Kelman     Toronto, Canada

         Hi, This is Nina from Sweden. I´ve been to Kfar Blum twice. I think it was 83-84 ande then again  -86. It was the time when Gert, Tanja, Maria, Carolyn, Martin, Lisa, Keith & Peter Stevens, Jerry, Dawn, Anna, Denise & Erik, Nigel, Dave, Terry, Roel and of course many moore were there. I can´t remember all of you guys in an instant. Hope you´re all well and happy. Looking forward to hear from some of you  ninaottermo@tele2.se
       Hi everybody, Does anyone remember me??? It´s been such a long time since "the good old days". We all get older and wiser, but I don´t think that anyone of us can forget the vicar-and-tart-party back in1983!!! Or purrim 1984 when all the volunteers did THRILLER.
I miss you all. For the time being I´m working as a doctor of medicine - just graduated actually. I have three children and their father who still loves me ( good know how much longer, thinking about statistics ). I frequently talk to Gert and Maria. Even though Maria is over in the USA, we talk on the phone A LOT. This is my first time on the "kfarblumnetsite". Is anyone else who knows me out there. Hugs to all of you. Nina ninaottermo@tele2.se

From: Roland Garner - Change of email:  In the future for personal email please contact me via rolandgarner@yahoo.com

JULY, 2003

Debra Kostick - From Scotland - I was a volunteer 1981-1982 debra@orchant.net 

Hello my name is Tanja Jansen (from Wageningen Holland, now its Zittersteijn) I spent quit some time in Kfar Blum in the 80. The time when Nina, Gert, Alan, Keith, Maria, Marleen, Leo etc where there I really had a great time and still have contact with quit some people. I hope to get in contact with a lot more.  Love from Tanja zittersteijn@wanadoo.nl 

Ruth Broch Kiryat
   Dear K. Blum, especially those at the Guest House,
   I came on aliya in June 1971 and was at your ulpan for half a year, working at the Guest House with, for one,  Ruti, and Sharon from So. Africa was our coordinator. My name then was Ruth Kramer Chimienti, from NYC.  K. Blum was my first and unforgettable home in Israel.
   My favorite story of my time there is as follows: The first day at the Guest House, I worked with Yehudit who showed me how to clean the rooms, make the beds, etc. The second day she gave me 2 rooms to do by myself. After the first one, she came in to see how I had managed. (Please note that I came to Israel with no knowledge of Hebrew other than maybe Shalom and Bvakasha - and the transliterated songs of Theodore Bikel).  Yehudit kind of sniffed around and then asked me with what I had cleaned the floors. So I showed her a jerrycan, like the jerrycan of soap suds she had used the day before. Written across the can were letters in Hebrew, but of course I could not read it. I had cleaned all the floors with Neft!  (And the rooms we were cleaning were mostly for Italians, I believe, who had come to build the roads on the Golan, and were heavy smokers!) I don't remember her last name, but she might remember this incident, if she still lives there.
   Another memorable time was when Itzhak Perlman and family came to stay at the Guest House for a weekend. Very exciting for me!  And another time was when I was serving lunch to guests and all of a sudden a mild earthquake hit. I also remember the wonderful folkdancing evenings with Gershon Federmann from Kibbutz Gonen.
    On the ulpan I'm afraid I remember the name only of Leon Smolar, a Russian immigrant.  I do not know what happened to him after he left to study at Haifa University. I was asked to remain at K. Blum, in order to become a member and learn to head the girls working at the Guest House, but the older ladies there advised me that if I wanted to marry any time soon, they thought it would be better to go to a city.
   My life since leaving K. Blum:  I happily married an English immigrant in Oct. 1974, through him became Modern Orthodox; we have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls, the elder one of each married with kids. My eldest son is a helicopter pilot in the air force, flying with the Saar 5 ships; my eldest daughter was in Intelligence, using her English, graduated from college in business and tourism, and is married with 2 daughters, living on Moshav Shadmot Mechola in the Bika; my younger son was a sergeant, a combat soldier in Nahal and is starting psychology at Haifa University in October; my youngest daughter did 2 years of national service and is finishing her 2nd year at Hebrew U. in occupational therapy.  I had stayed at home for 16 years, raising the 4 kids, all of whom I had within 6 1/2 years at Rambam Hospital, and then in March 1991 I started working at the Technion, in the Public Affairs Dept., specifically for the Board of Governors, and have been there, very, very happily ever since. Joe Criden was on the Board of Governors as representative of the Kibbutzim while I was there and it was always especially nice to see him each year at the international B of G meetings we hold each June.
   SO - all in all, I am very happy and proud to have made a very successful aliyah, and much of it has to do with my first impressions and the acceptance and joy in life in Israel that I found at Kfar Blum.
   With very warm wishes,   Ruth Broch Kiryat Ata 04-844-5093 ruthakb@netvision.net.il 

JUNE, 2003

Julie Freedman - jfreedman@partners.org  1973-1974

My name is Robin Kusnitt Walburn and I was on Kfar Blum for their last Ulpan.  My kibbutz family are the Vardi's and my best friend is Etty Shefer.  Was there from 75-79.  I still talk to Musia and Zev once a month.  Does anyone remember me?  Rob rwalburn@san.rr.com

MAY, 2003

My name is Maria Svensson ( swedish) I was in Kfarblum springs of  82 -86. At the same time some of these people were also there.
Nigel Davis, Peter & Keith Stevens & Mark (their cousin) Alan Ditchfield,  Peter & Paul Burns, Vernon Prescott, Dale Ridley , Lisa Lynch, Marlene ? , Nina ( swedish ) Gert , Martin, Anki, Anna ( all swedish ) Katrina and Peter. Morten and Sam ( danish ) and many more.
I live in Santa Barbara California, I would love to get in touch with some of my old friends, I have contact with a few already , ( Keith , Nina , Anna ,  Gert, Alan on and off. My E-mail is    SvnssnMen@aol.com 

My husband Gary Gladstein and his sister Cynthia ( Cindy) lived on Kfar Blum in the 50's I think 1957-58. JSCHNELWAR@aol.com 

This is Bruce Kelner. I wrote I was @kb in 75-76 but it was 76-77.thanks.  bru_kel@msn.com 

My name is Ela! I was on Kfar Blum from June to August in 2000 and I am from Germany. I loved my time in Kfar Blum and I wish to come back soon! Shalom!!! raphaela@rulofs-hensch.de 

From Leendert Holleman, Brugge, Belgium (known as "Lenny" at KB to avoid tongue twisting for non-Dutchies) E-mail: leendert.holleman@pandora.be          eljeehaa@hotmail.com Dear volunteers,  When clearing the attic this week, I found a little notebook of my Kfar Blum days from March-mid June 1977. In it were the (first) names of the volunteers at KB at the time I left the kibbutz. I thought you might be interested to hear them, so here we go:       Wendy and Stuart, sister and brother from Phila, PA. Dana, also from Phila. Dawn from the UK, Chris & Sally, Imogen Sharp & Alex(andra), all from London, UK Simon (UK) and Jock (Scotland) Dona (NYC), Bruce (USA), Daniel & Ric (Oregon), Richard (Boston, MA), Mark (Centuria, WI) Karen (Northridge, CA) and Paul (CA) Karen & Leslie from Australia Cindy (Winnipeg) and Maureen (Vancouver) Mervyn (South-Africa), Marianne (Denmark , Victor (Paris), Kazuo (Japan) From Holland: Ineke (Harderwijk), José & Annet (Beverwijk), Annelies & Marjan (Groenlo), Johan (Bilthoven), Nelleke (Havelte) and her friend Huub (Groningen), Miryam (Baarn, she later married above mentioned Mark from Wisconsin), Marion (Bussum), Nel (Wageningen), Wietske (Apeldoorn). I was from Zaandam at that time. Just a week (or two) before I left, a 16-strong Swiss group had arrived, 12 girls and four boys. I got to know only a few names: Edith, Erika, Marcel, Martin, Andreus, Françoise, a couple of girls named Elisabeth....The lady in charge of the volunteers was Yaffa. Some names of the people in the Guest House I worked with: Thomas, Moshe, Dinka, Brenda, Steffi, Noah, Wendy... And other stars that made my stay worthwhile: Michal Cohen, Naama Shachar, Nurit, Amira, Ilana, Jael, Anad...Of the American Class: Julie, Gayle, Cliff, Aaron, Gil... Greetings to all at KB and lots of success with your website!

APRIL 2003

What a great idea!  My name is Gabrielle Rabin Tsabag (then I was Gaby Rabin), and I worked as a volunteer on Kfar Blum from June - August, 1970. It was a great summer! My first of over 30 trips to Israel. My first lessons in Hebrew (I'm now fluent and married to an Israeli) while working in the pardesim and the kitchen ... and everyday I'm reminded about that summer when I see or speak to my 21 year old son, Jordan.  (That summer I decided I would name a future baby after the river that flowed near my door).  
My email is gtsabag@skirball.org 

Boker tov! I'm Leilanie van den Berg from South Africa, was there April 98 till June 98 and my time there still lives inside of me. Where are you, Yasmin from Oz, Bryn Morgan, Chris from Sydney, Ho (South Korea), Tom Green (York) - have you finished your Geography studies? - , Reuben Singer (USA), Mariska Verseveld (Holland), Mia (Denmark), Maria (Sweden), Sylvia (Switzerland), Uni (South Korea), Rina (Finland) - did you marry your boyfriend? - Lisa and Claire (Sussex) - I'll never forget your 21st in the Boogie Room - Rachel (Hants) etc. Hello Santie and Marina. Hi Yehudit and Jacqueline (Ruffi's wife) from the guest house, hello Dror Bunker. I was stunned to bump into you last year at Kibbutz Grofit in the desert!!! Are you feeling better yet?? I would go back tomorrow if I could. Please write to me!!   editorial@confide.co.za  

Eduardo (Dani) Faingold, My brother Roberto and I were volunteers from Argentina in Kfar Blum from August to October 1977. I am now a professor of linguistics in the U.S.  I'd love to hear from others who were there at the same time and remember the good times we had there. Eduardo (Dani) Faingold, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.....I worked the orchards, including swimming in the Jordan river on breaks, and the Hadar Ochel. Once I spent all morning picking up zillions of dead birds in the lul (they died during an electricity short circuit). We use to watch the katyiushas flying in the night. Once a katyiusha fell in the kibbutz fields. I fell in love with the kibbutz and a volunteer woman from Northern Ireland. I am now a university professor in the U.S. I am writing a book about the 70's, which includes a chapter in the kibbutz. Is there anybody out there that remembers Kfar Blum in the summer of 77?  eduardo-faingold@utulsa.edu   

Great site !! Hi name is Anthony Woolf.  was on Kfar Blum for a few months during 1992 and also 1993. Hey if anyone out there remembers me drop me a line. e-mail abw@netspace.net.au 

Jim Chamberlin   jchamberlin@edc.ca  January-April 1993 - Canada (Ottawa) - I came across the website for Kfar Blum by chance, brought back some great memories!

MARCH 2003

Martin Jansson  Mail: Martin.jansson6@telia.com  (home)  martin.jansson@peab.se  (work) At Kfar Blum: September 1983 – July 1984 Nationality:      Swedish

Julian Harrison. Volunteered on Kfar Blum during 1984 & 1985.  At the time I was from Durban, South Africa; I am now residing in Philadelphia USA. julianh@premiertours.com  

Tony Williams. I was a volunteer on Kfar Blum for 3 months from August 1986- November 1986, I hung out with Mick Connor , Ronnie from oz, Dutch Ronnie and American Mike, both of whom are good friends until today.  my email is itsagame86@yahoo.co.uk 

Cassie Williams.  I was a volunteer in 1998. email, cassw_is@hotmail.com 

John Lindsay john.lindsay47@ntlworld.com  Ulpan Sept 68, volunteer 73/74, volunteer late 70's. Garin Kfar Blum 70's. Volunteer Kibbutz Gerofit 70's in the Negev.


Sanna Liukkonen and I'm from Finland. I was a volunteer in Kfar Blum at June-July 1996. My e-mail address is: sannaliukkonen@yahoo.com 

Jonny Leperer ....also none as JonnyOrange cause i died my hair and that is what colour it turned out..I was on Kfar Nlum 1993.. alot of Danes I met a girl there called jeanette madsen..and lots of other great people..can u come back to me with more info..many thanks..Jonny ... I was on the kibbutz.. with mark humphreys, jeanette madsen, christana ?(danish) Jdlbmw@aol.com ...i wish i could remember them all......!!!..

Rebecca Angel - I was a volunteer on Kfar Blum for about 6 weeks in the spring of 1974.  I also visited Kfar Blum in the summer of 1969.  My cousins Sonia and Yisrolik Vishkin founded Kfar Blum and took good care of me when I was there. Best Regards, Rebecca Angel rebangel@earthlink.net

Simon Marks. I was on Kfar Blum in 1976 for about 3 months, I was with my friend David, we roomed with 2 American guys i think they were called Bart and Scott? if anybody remembers me please contact. linda@marks6007.fsbusiness.co.uk  

Malene Roland Christensen Malene12@mail.tele.dk  Denmark Hello People. It was very funny to find this homepage on the internet. I only found one I was in kibbutz Kfar Blum with. But I will spread the word around about this homepage! I was in Kfar Blum in Sep, Oct and Nov, 1997. 

Change of Address:  My name is Marjan Kesteloo and I'm already on the list from volunteers during 1980, but my e-mail adress has changed because I moved to Spain. My new adress is marjankesteloo@wanadoo.es   


Randy Glass rwglass@comcast.net Cherry Hill, NJ June 1985 - December 1985....I worked in the factory as an engineering intern (I did a college engineering internship in Israel, and wound up at KB.) It was the best time of my life!  I worked with Benniy Schacham - It seems like he and his wife Rina (who "adopted" me) still live at the Kibbutz. I remember the following names of volunteers: Jenny Klein (Colorado, USA). Hesh Meyer (NY, USA) Vanya Saradoff (NY, USA). Suzanne Musikant (London, England) Ira Blader(?) (USA). and others... 

Shalom - my name is Shimon Schwartz  and I am a member of kfar blum and I am in charge of the archives on the kibbutz. please inform anybody that would like specific information about the kibbutz to day or in the past or members of the kibbutz today (or those that have passed away) please tell them to feel free to contact me at hamutal_@kbm.org.il and I will do my best to help them. hamutal_@kbm.org.il  

Madeline Liberman,(Maddy) I was on an ulpan at kfar blum, and then stayed on as a volunteer.  I would love to hear from anyone else conected with kfar blum.  I was there in 1971 and 1972.  My name at the time was Madeline Liberman,(Maddy). ZEMAN13@aol.com 

Tracy Delle Greviskis - I am so thrilled to find this site! My name is Tracy Delle Greviskis and I was on Kfar Blum from August-December 1987. I have great memories and would love to reconnect with some who were there with me.  tgreviskis@msn.com  or tgreviskis@msn.com - From Florida, USA - 

Lori Holt - I was on the kfar blum I am not sure if it was 1977 or before that ask the Sterns Ricki and Etan.: sweetthang99_2002@hotmail.com

Barbora Ondrejcakova from the Slovak Republic and I spent the summer of 1998 at Kfar Blum (perhaps July until October?). ondrejcak@hotmail.com


2000-2002 "JOINERS"




  A comprehensive listing of ALL former volunteers, who have contacted this site is at KFAR BLUM VOLUNTEERS, 1960-2001.  (Names are listed  BOTH by "Decade on Kfar Blum" AND by "Country of origin."]






      This site's genesis was my own search  for volunteers I had known when I was a  Kfar Blum volunteer in the mid-1970s (1974-1976).   Surfing the web, I came across Laurie (Schechter) Rimon's fabulous  site for the Kfar Blum American Classes  (Laurie's site also includes a compilation of current Kfar Blum members e-mails).    Inspired by Laurie's site, this site was created in September, 2000, with the names of two ex-volunteers.  Laurie has also subsequently offered some significant suggestions as to the improvement of this site. Thanks also to those other sites, including Laurie's,  the Habonim Dror Foundation and the National Committee for Labor Israel which have included on their sites, a link to this site.


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